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We bet you never thought of doing this with your PPC ads! 

You’ll be familiar with the basics of PPC ads, we’re sure. However, whether you’re happy with your current PPC ads or want some better results we’re confident you haven’t thought about the following 4 things which could jumpstart your PPC ads. 

1) Consider running PPC on Bing 

Now we’ve all heard it before, “Who even uses Bing?”. It’s been said so many times that it’s practically a Meme now, but when running a business, you should never discount something just because of a joke and you should consider every option. The fact is Bing is seeing a big surge in users and if you need more reasons why you should consider Bing here’s 3. 

  1. Bing can help you reach different audiences and sectors. 
  1. Less competition than Google means your brand can get cheaper CPC (cost per click) rates on your PPC ads. 
  1. Microsoft/Bing allow multimedia Search Ads which Google doesn’t. 

Bing gets a lot more traffic from people using Desktop to view sites over mobile. So, any of our B2B or SaaS members reading this, might not want to pass this up.  

2) Leverage LinkedIn’s audience targeting inside of your Bing Ads 

We all know how important it is to sell your product to the right person, that’s why we do PPC ads based on sector or industry right? Well wouldn’t it be even better if you could target your PPC ads based on job role? With Bing, you can use LinkedIn’s audience targeting capabilities to do just that. Are you B2B? Or B2C? Either way doing this can open-up so many possibilities to get the highest-quality leads.  

3) Stop overlooking Ad extensions 

 Way too many people skip out on Ad extensions, which is a shame because these little secret weapons do so much to improve your campaign’s performance. Using tools like Sitelink can let you add additional bits of context to the ad like Callouts which is so valuable to potential customers. You’ll be increasing your Ad real estate, improving Ad rank and driving more clicks and conversions if you tap into these tools.  

4) Start using some long-tail keywords 

A lot of people think, short and generic when doing their keyword research and adding them to the PPC campaigns. We’re here to tell you not to overlook using long-tail keywords. These are highly specific phrases which can have lower search volumes, less competition and ultimately boast higher conversion rates, what’s better is that they can achieve better ad placements at lower costs!  

Final thoughts

So, there you have it, 4 things that you likely didn’t consider for your next PPC campaign. Let us know on our socials if you’ve tried any and how they’ve worked out for you and if you know anyone that might benefit from giving this a read then please share it with them.  

If you need any support setting up any of the above, then book a chat with one of the team below or for any of our Start Digital members log in to your Dashboard and check out the PPC section. If you’ve got any questions and want to learn more book a spot on this week’s webinar where we’ll be shedding more light on all things PPC. 

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