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The Futures Training Group has always been proud of its approach to digital technology, it has has been one of the foundations of our success and we’re continually looking for innovative ways to develop our business for the benefit of our clients.

This is why The Futures Training Group has partnered with Start Digital.
Maintaining communication with existing clients and maximising opportunities to gain new clients is fundamental to the Fitness Industry.

Start Digital have created simple-to-follow health checks and toolkits, taking all the guesswork out of digital marketing

Whats included in the Futures Training Bundle?

Start Digital Training offers a membership program designed to support businesses and individuals in their journey to build a successful online presence. Our focus is on teaching digital skills and providing tools to help you grow your online business.

Start Digital Membership Benefits:

  • Learning Resources: Access to a range of courses, tutorials, and other learning materials focused on building digital skills.
  • Exclusive Content: Members can view exclusive content not available to the general public, such as advanced training modules.
  • Expert Guidance: Opportunities to engage with digital experts through webinars, Q&A sessions, or one-on-one consultations.

Futures Training Member Additional Benefits:

  • Audit & Consultation: £150 for FREE
  • Training: £150 for FREE

The benefits of joining

As a start digital member you can access:

Digital Marketing Growth Toolkits

Cyber Essentials Security Guides

Weekly Coaching

Online Training Portal

Knowledge and Experience

Work at your own pace

Online Support

Discounted Services

What is Start Digital?

Transform your business with Start Digital – your ultimate ally in mastering the digital realm for unparalleled success. Stay ahead of the curve with our cutting-edge solutions, tailored to empower your growth and security. Access essential frameworks, toolkits, and expert guidance to cultivate a digital-first culture within your organisation. With comprehensive online training and proactive support, seize new opportunities and conquer challenges confidently. Don’t miss out on the digital revolution – join Start Digital today and unlock your business’s limitless potential. Schedule your free consultation now for a brighter, more prosperous future.

How could start digital benefit your Health & Fitness business?

Start Digital can benefit your business by transforming your online presence with our comprehensive digital solutions. Use our online guides and resources to grow your business. Improve your systems and processes to make your business more digitally secure. And develop infrastructure needed to future-proof your business.

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What’s Included with Start Digital?

Step by Step Guides

Online Training Dashboard



Online Tech Support



Live Training Sessions

+ Additional Bundle Benefits

Free Audit & Consultation (Benefit 1)


Understanding where your business should prioritise its efforts is crucial for its development and growth. As a member, we provide you with the option to choose from our Digital Audits and Consultations, conducted by our Digital Specialists. You can choose from three different types of audits:

  • Full Digital Culture Audit: This audit covers all aspects of digital in your business.
  • Full Digital Marketing Audit: This audit focuses solely on your business’s digital marketing.
  • Cyber Awareness and Resilience Audit: This audit investigates your business’s cybersecurity controls and evaluates how well your business could recover from a major cyber incident.

Training (Benefit 2)

Training voucher

Exclusive access to our tailored ‘Digital Essentials’ training course—completely free of charge. Crafted specifically for businesses in the fitness industry, this comprehensive course is your gateway to digital success.

Conducted entirely online for your convenience, the training spans a dynamic 3-hour session, packed with invaluable insights, resources, and actionable plans.

Our goal?

To equip you with the tools and knowledge necessary to seize control of your digital presence and propel your business to new heights.

Our Case Studies

Case Study - Personal Trainer #1

(details on company are redacted due to privacy)


Size = Individual
Sector = Health & Fitness
Staff = 1  
Location = North West 
Years Trading = 1 year 

The owner setup their personal training business to support customers who want online and face to face training. 

The first customers in the business came from the gym and recommendations from friends and family. 

Case Study - Personal Trainer #2

(details on company are redacted due to privacy)


Size = Small Business 
Sector = Health & Fitness
Staff = 4 
Location = North West 
Years Trading = 3 years

The owner has a successful business and attracts new customers via recommendations and using social media. 

They target gym members and personal training clients from a 10 mile radius. 

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Use our health check and ‘6 Effective Ways to Market Your Fitness Business Online’ guide to see how start digital can help you grow and secure your business.

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  • Learn new skills and strategies to help you grow your business and increase profitability.
  • Stay informed about the latest developments in digital marketing, customer service, and online security.
  • Have access to expert technical support whenever you need it.
  • Take control and develop a digital culture to future proof your business.

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