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Case Study – Personal Trainer #2 






    • Size = Small Business
    • Sector = Health & Fitness 
    • Staff = 4 
    • Location = North West 
    • Years Trading = 3 year 






The owner has a successful business and attracts new customers via recommendations and using social media. 

They target gym members and personal training clients from a 10 mile radius. 

The business owner wants to grow their business and increase profits. 

They are considering developing an online training programme for new customers. 



The owner needed a clear marketing strategy to target new locations and attract new online members.  

The business didn’t have some of the policies and procedures in place to secure the customer data effectively. 

The didn’t have the skills needed to develop their online training programmes. 

The owner didn’t have control of all digital accounts within the business. 

Digital Marketing Strengths = Low 

Online Reputation = Good 

Time = Limited 




No cyber security or data protection in place to manage customer data, which is a potential future reputational problem. 

ICO registration may need to be updated. 

Missed opportunities to win new clients. 

Staff not trained effectively to manage customer data. 

New staff are not aware of acceptable use of digital and acceptable behaviours when working with clients. 




Start digital provided the owner with health checks and toolkits, which gave the owner policies and procedures to enable their business to manage and prevent future cyber and data risks. 

Staff training was provided to make sure all staff were GDPR and Data compliant. 

Staff training on acceptable use of digital in the workplace was provided. 

A digital marketing strategy guide was used to develop a clear plan on how to grow the business. 

Online consultations with Start Digital specialists were used to understand how to develop their online training programme. 

Content creation training was provided to give the staff the skills they need to create the online training programme content for the clients. 



Attract new and more engaged potential customers. 

Developed a Digital First Culture to manage all aspects of the business, helping the business to grow and stay secure. 

Reduce risk of potential reputational damage, by reducing possibility of cyber attacks and data breaches. 

Systems developed to provide online training programmes to more clients. 


COST = £1425 

£500 for Start Digital 

£400 for GDPR, Data Protection, Acceptable Use and Cyber Awareness Training. 

£375 for content creation training for 2 staff. 

£150 for additional online consultation 




2 Jul, 2024

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