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Social Media Tips

1. Offer incentives 

Let’s take our 3rd thing to do this week a step further and take to socials. Offer your followers a contest or giveaway in exchange for their information.  

2. Leverage retargeting ads 

Collecting customer data from step 1 can help you build a customer database that you can use to send targeted marketing campaigns and promotions. Retargeting these people who have previously shown interest but haven’t yet bought from you will; increase brand recall and drive sales by reminding customers of the products they have shown interest in. 

3. Utilise social media analytics 

Now, this is the most important point. Once you have gathered all your information and converted your followers to customers, you need to keep them happy. 

Using the analytics will be able to; help you understand your customers better (knowing what they like and dislike), identify concerns quickly, measure the effectiveness of your customer service & tailor your marketing to meet their needs.