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Marketing Tips

1. Use customer data to streamline the customer journey

With your customer data refined and understood, you can focus on customer engagement data to see exactly where your customers are engaging in their journey with you which can help you refine your marketing funnel. You’ll then be able to achieve the goal of creating, presenting and stimulating the engagements of your customers in a way that leads to further conversions.

2. Reduce your customer acquisition cost 

By doing step one you’ll have a better insight into the activities that give a good return on customer conversions which will help you lower down the cost to aquire a new sale. 

3. Look at a range of sources for your data

GA4 or google analytics can give you a ton of information about your customers, the same can be said for your CRM of choice. Don’t forget the importance and value that can be found in looking at your customer feedback directly to help give you some amazing insights.