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Protect your Business from Villainy.

It might take only 20 minutes for a cyber criminal to take £120 from your business. Our cyber experts can ensure you are prepared to mitigate the risk that a cyber threat can possess to your business.

Save Your Money

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Fight Cyber Crime

Social Media Security

Protect your social media by ensuring you have proper security in place – such as proper passwords, account access, email policies, and message requests.

Email Security

Ensure your emails are secure with proper spam filters, separate accounts, functioning anti-virus, ensuring your staff are properly trained, and more.

Website & Browsing Security

Is your website using the proper SSL certification? Is your website vulnerable to contact form attacks? Is your website data publicly available on the web?

Answer and correct all of these questions with our simple cyber security auditing.

Hardware & Software Security

Our physical security audits cover the following (and more):

  • Which employees have access to what (including old employees).
  • How frequently are updates processed, and how are thye handled?
  • Wifi security tests.
  • Whether or not your hardware can be lifted up and taken away, with all the data they may contain.
  • Whether your anti-virus and firewalls properly functioning.

Data Security

Find out just how easy your data is to access and whether or not it follows GDPR code. If not, there is a maximum fine of almost £17,000,000 if left unchecked.

Policy & Procedures

The policies you have in place for cyber security are some of the most important policies you can have as a business. 60% of small businesses have no effective plan in case of a cyber-attack and fail within 6 months of falling victim to one.

It’s time to protect your business.

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