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Develop your skills and test your abilities with the help of industry experts.

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Website Languages

So, you’re interested in creating fast and efficient websites or upskill your current skillset?

Our trainers themselves, however, will be able to teach you any web-based language out there, including:

  • Java
  • React.
  • Angular.
  • Objective C.
  • Scala.
  • More!

If you’re looking to train alongside our industry specialists, you’ll be able to develop skills in HTML, CSS, Javascript, & PHP.

Application & Games Languages

Common application languages such as C++, Java, and Python are great tools for building applications. As well as being easier to learn, they also have flexible and vast functions and purposes.

We’re passionate about coding, and our team can train you in any language even newer ones such as Elixir, ELM, and Swift.

Data Analysis Languages

Languages such as Python, R, and SQL are great for cleaning, manipulating, analyzing, and visualizing data in a database.

To learn how programming languages can be used to maintain complex databases more efficiently, request a callback today!


Looking to create programmes that can run certain functions without being prompted to do so?

They are mainly used in the manufacturing industry but are also commonly used in social media algorithms.

Extras & Benefits

Specialist Training

We work with the marketing moguls at MADM Ltd. With their one to one sessions, you can build upon speciality skills you already know.

Resource Hub

We’ve developed a time-tested resource hub with over 140 quick tip & full lesson videos that you can access at any time at your own leasure.

MADM Academy

MADM Academy is the place to keep up to date on digital marketing. They offer a live platform with talks on the latest digital marketing trends and techniques and host a VOD service with dozens of deep dive marketing tutorials.

Additional Support

If you need help with anything digital for 3 months after your training as been completed, get in touch with us and we can offer additional support.

It’s time to finally learn a programming language.

Request a callback.

Interested in what our training could do for your business?